Wash your aspirin down with cola

That does sound strange, doesn't it? But if you are taking an aspirin for a headache, wash it down with a glass of cola - the caffeine will help the pain medication to work faster. It may also fight the headache directly by relaxing the constricted blood vessels in the head. Just don't go overboard: too much caffeine can trigger a rebound headache.

Source: Food that Harm, Foods that Heal, Readers Digest

And while we're on the subject of Aspirin, here are some more uses for it:

* Fungal infections on soil is one problem some gardeners face. It can be treated by using aspirin. Dissolve an aspirin tablet in a liter of water and sprinkle the mixture on the affected soil. Although this will fix the problem, care should be taken to not to make the mixture too strong if using around plants, as it may burn the leaves.

* Do you know that aspirin helps to keep cut flowers to be fresh for a longer period of time? Before arranging cut flowers in a vase, put a soluble aspirin tablet into the water. It helps to keep them fresh for longer.

* Having dandruff problems? Powder two aspirin tablets and mix it with your usual shampoo. Leave on the hair for two or three minutes before washing.

* If you are a smoker, certainly you will have nicotine stains on your fingers. To remove them, take a soluble aspirin and mix it thoroughly with some freshly squeezed lemon juice. This mixture will remove nicotine stains, grass stains, etc from hands.

* Pimples? Don't worry. Make a paste by adding some water to powdered aspirin. Apply this paste on the pimples and wash it off after a few minutes. Since aspirin also functions as an astringent, the pimples will be reduced in size and will not be as red in appearence as before.

* Aspirin can be used to remove sweat stains from T-shirts. Dissolve two aspirins in half a cup of warm water and apply to the stained area of the fabric. Leave it for a couple of hours. When you wash the stains will be gone completely.

* When making compost for your garden or greenhouse mixing, it with aspirin will prevent fungus forming around the roots of new plants.

* If your hair had become yellowish or faded from the chlorine content in a swimming pool, it can be treated very quickly. Dissolve eight to ten aspirin tablets in a glass of water and rub the solution into your hair. Wash it away after leaving it on for about ten minutes and shampoo it in the usual way.

* Mosquito bites and bee stings can be eased by wetting the skin and rubbing an aspirin over the spot.

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