Flossing promotes good health

In his book, Real Age, Dr. Roizen writes “Flossing your teeth daily can make your arteries younger. The probable reason: Flossing helps keep your immune system young. The same bacteria that cause periodontal disease also trigger an immune response, inflammation, that causes the arteries to swell. The swelling of the arterial walls results in a constriction of blood flow that can lead to a higher incidence of cardiovascular disease.” Flossing only takes a minute and can make a big difference to your health!

I have read where a dentist estimates that if you don't floss, 40% of your teeth are not cleaned.  That's like only washing only 60% of your hair..... or only 60% of your clothes.... or only 60% of a shower... or cleaning under only 6 of your fingernails.  So why stop at only 60%?

You might want to try and do what I have learned to do:  Stash a bag of flossers everywhere you spend time.

These are one-handed and you can use them in your car, while surfing on the computer, by your bedside, watching tv or soaking in the tub.  Use them right after you eat anything.  If you take a bite of something - floss.

BTW - I went in for a cleaning today and was told that my gums are pink and healthy and there was only a slight minimum of any tarter, (because my saliva contains more minerals than most people's.)  Why?  Flossing several times a day!  I have done this religiously for the past 3 months and the cleaning time went down to half!

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TJ said...

You are such a good example. I also have started a practice of flossing after every meal.