Tomato Soup

Tonight I was making a ground turkey supper and added a bag of frozen vegetables. I decided that some tomato flavor would be good. The cupboard yielded a can of condensed tomato soup and a can of tomato sauce.

Hubby read the labels to me as I was stirring the casserole. He said: "huh....this soup is 10% sugar."

What? 10% sugar is a lot! Guess contains high fructose corn syrup! On the other hand, the tomato sauce was very low in sugar and didn't contain HFCS.

The whole can of tomato soup contains 225 cal. / 30g sugar / 1200mg sodium - and I would have used the whole can, of course, in my dish. This food is very high in Sodium, and a large portion of the calories comes from sugars.

Lesson: I'll stick with just tomato sauce and canned tomatoes. Even if I want tomato soup - I'll make my own from scratch. Any canned soup is not for a healthy diet.

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TJ said...

Yep, soups are a no no.