Have you thought about adding some whey protein to your diet?

There are many benefits to whey protein! To learn more, check out this site:HERE

Oops, someone spilled their whey.

How to choose a High-Quality Whey Product:
Look for whey protein isolate, which is a more highly purified form of whey. This will enable quick and easy digestion of the essential amino acids needed by the body for healthy and strong muscles, skin, hair and nails.

Whey protein is best bought in large containers (2-5 pounds), since it needs to be consumed regularly to reap the health benefits. We suggest a dose of about twenty to twenty-five grams daily, which is usually about one scoop per day.

The whey product should have less than 150 mg of sodium per serving and be sugar free. Look for a whey powder that contains not more than a few other ingredients besides whey protein isolate.

Source: The Forever Young Diet and Lifestyle, by James O'Keefe

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