More benefits from tea

A teaming cup of black or green tea, the comforting drink of choice for millions of people around the world, may also help to treat or prevent Alzheimer's disease. Laboratory test found that regular consumption of green and/or black tea inhibits the activity of certain enzymes in the brain that are implicated in the development of Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers from the Medicinal Plant Research Centre at Newcastle University tested coffee as will as green and black tea, for beneficial effects in patients with dementia. This study found that coffee had no significant effect, but both black and green tea especially inhibited the activity of enzymes associated with the development of Alzheimer's. Although tea alone almost cerainly will not cure Alzheimer's disease, it could possible be another tool used to treat or prevent this increasingly common and devastating disease.

However green tea alone had a further effect, obstructing the activity of beta-secretase, which has a role in the production of protein deposits in the brain associated with Alzheimer's. The effects of green tea also last for a week, scientists found, as against only a day for black tea.
Resource: The Forever Young Diet and Lifestyle by James O'Keefe, MD

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