Fish Oil Weight Loss Dosage

Fish Oil Weight Loss Dosage
By Monica Sethi Datta, eHow Contributor

Fish oil provides many health benefits, with a bonus linkage to weight loss. Taking a high-quality fish oil is important to prevent from consuming rancid oil or mercury-laden fish oil. Taking the recommended dosage as a supplement will help with weight loss.

Benefits of Fish Oil
1. Fish oil is an Omega-3 oil recommended for heart health to prevent against cardiovascular disease and lowering cholesterol. Fish oil contains the fatty acids essential for brain development and preventing depression. Fish oil boosts the immune system, aids in proper functioning of the nervous system and helps against dry eyes. The Omega 3 fatty acid in fish oil reduces the risk of developing arthritis. Fish oil is also great for maintaining healthy, acne-free skin and shiny hair.
Dosage for Weight Loss
2. The recommended dosage for weight loss is about 1.5 to 2 grams a day of combined DHA and EPA. Look on the label to find the amount in one capsule. Add the DHA+EPA+ any other essential omega-3 fatty acids that are included.

Side Effects of Fish Oil
3. While fish oil has many great benefits, there are some things to note while consuming this supplement. As fish oil decreases blood clotting, it is not advised to take fish oil supplements before undergoing surgery.

Other minor side effects include upset stomach or stomach pain, diarrhea, increased gas, acid reflux/heartburn/indigestion and a fishy aftertaste when burping. You minimize gastrointestinal side effects by taking the fish oil supplement with food and gradually increasing your dosage intake. There are fish oil supplements with lemon flavor to eliminate the fishy aftertaste when burping.

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