When you want a change from your plain, ole water.....

I just found out what an Italian soda is!  I had the club soda and sugar-free vanilla syrup on hand and came across the recipe in a diet book for low sugar eating.  Wow!  It's great!  Calorie and sugar-free and it taste fantastic!  You can gussy up the drink by adding cream to make a cream soda.

This is a healthy alternative to "real soda" - which is horrible for our health.  Club soda is simply plain water that has carbon bubbles added.  Get the low-sodium kind if you are avoiding salt. 

Italian Soda: Basic Recipe

* 2 Tbs flavored sugar-free syrup
* 8-12 oz club soda

Pour syrup into glass, add club soda and stir.

That is easy, isn't it? Now, when you need to add some luxury to that you want a Cremosa.

Cremosa:Basic Recipe

* 2 Tbs flavored sugar-free syrup

* 8 oz club soda
* 4 oz half and half or cream

Stir together, or serve in layers. To serve in layers, pour the syrup in the glass. Add the club soda, then partially whip heavy cream and float it on top. It takes some practice but is a beautiful presentation.

Tip: The secret is to mix in the order given in this recipe. This will keep your milk from curdling.
Start with a large glass. Pour syrup into the glass (a few tablespoons, you may like more or less). Next add the cream, half and half, or milk. Stir them together. Now fill the glass with club soda and ice. Top with whipped cream if desired. Drink with a straw. Enjoy!

Now that you have the basics down...Here are some of the best flavor combinations:

* Victorian-1 tbs vanilla, 1 tbs rose
* Creamsicle-1 tbs orange, 1 tbs vanilla
* Creme Brulee-1 tbs caramel, 1 tbs vanilla
* French Countryside- 1/2 tbs lavender, 1 1/2 tbs lemon
* Summer Afternoon-2 tsp blackberry, 2 tsp white chocolate, 2 tsp violet
* S'mores-1tbs toasted Marshmallow, 1/2 tbs Caramel, 1/2 tbs Chocolate

There are literally hundreds more combinations and ways of making them, and each of the recipes can be used for cremosas as well.

Click here for Da Vinci cold drink recipes using their sugar-free syrups.

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