Carbs + dietary fat = converts to body fat

I love my carbs - but I am also aware of how much and what kinds I am consuming. According to a top-notch authority on the subject, Richard K. Bernstein, MD, in his wonderfully informative book; Diabetes Solution, states:

"If you give it some thought, it makes perfect sense: If a farmer wants to fatten up his pigs or cows, he doesn't feed them meat or butter and eggs, he feeds them grain. If you want to fatten yourself up, just start loading up on bread, pasta, potatoes, cake and cookies - all high carb foods. If you want to hasten the fattening process, consume dietary fat with your carbs. Indeed, two recent studies shown that dietary fat, when consumed as part of a high-carb diet, was converted to body fat. Fat consumed as part of a low-carb diet was metabolized, or burned off."

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