We crave whole grains

The bran and germ of a grain contain significant amounts of vitamin B, a nutrient that regulates metabolism, maintains healthy skin, steadies muscle tone and promotes cell growth -----BUT--- vitamin B is depleted as we digest carbs of any kind.

If you eat white rice (as in a Chinese dinner) this depletes the vitamin B in your system; ..... but eat brown rice with the bran intact and this will replenish the B you're losing with eating carbs. Did you ever notice that you're hungry a few hours after eating Chinese dinner? Because you filled up on white rice, which is a big hit of carbs (along with lots of added sugars in the stir-fries).

For the nutrition we need, not to mention big flavors in every bite, we crave whole grains!

Source: Real Food Has Curves; How to get off processed food, lose weight, and love what you eat by Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough

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