Cabbage - a head start on better health

Find new ways to enjoy cabbage and you could add extra muscle to your cancer defense. Here's how:

Some cancer-causing substances don't make trouble until a special enzyme "switches on" their ability to damage cells and DNA. But cabbage contains an isothiocyanate called benzyl isothiocyanate (BITC). Animal studies suggest that BITC may stop most enzymes from flipping the "on switch" so your cells are more likely to escape cancer-causing damage.

But cabbage doesn't just take out inactive cancer-causers. It also delivers sulforaphane to combat cancer-causing substances that are already active. Sulforaphane persuades your liver to produce more of its potent phase-2 detoxification enzymes. These extra shock troops supercharge your immune system, arming it with more power to disarm cancer-causing substances and sweep them out of your body.

Turn up the taste: Spice cabbage with oregano, dill, celery seed, caraway or savory.

Keep seeing Red: Add vinegar or lemon juice to red cabbage when cooking or cutting it. Otherwise, it may turn blue or purple.

Source: "Your body can heal itself" by the editors of FC&A Medical Publishing

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