Almond butter sammy

Thought I would post today about a quick protein lunch - the all American favorite -  nut butter sandwich!

1 slice of toasted Brownberry Bread. Either the 12 Grain or Double Fiber. Mine today was the 12 Grain.

1 Tablespoon Woodstock Farms natural almond butter.

2 teaspoons Vlasic dill relish

calories: 200
fat grams: 9.5
carbs: 21.5
sugar: 4
protein: 7.5

The dill relish has no calories, fat or carbs. But it does have lots of salt. But 2 teaspoons is 1/2 a "serving size".

Most of the calories come from the bread (110) and so I'm learning to use just 1 slice of bread for my sandwiches. And you know what? It's just as good. And I save 110 calories that I can to use elsewhere.

I found an even better bread!

Healthy Life Double Fiber
Flaxseed with Omega-3 Bread

* 70 Calories per Slice
* Excellent Source of Fiber
* 40% Daily Intake of Fiber in Two Slices
* Good Source of Omega-3 ALA
* Low Fat
* No Trans Fat
* No Saturated Fat
* No Cholesterol
* Good Source of Calcium & Vitamin D
* No High Fructose Corn Syrup
* Double Wrapped for Freshness
* 13 grams of Whole Grains per Slice (The daily recommendation for dietary fiber is 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men.)
* 10 net carbs
* 3 grams sugar
* 4 grams protein

Twice the Fiber of Regular Whole Wheat Bread!

Found at most grocery stores, including Walmart.

Healthy Life Original
100% Whole Grain
Flaxseed with Omega-3 Bread

* 40 Calories per Slice
* 6 Net Carbs
* Good Source Of Omega-2 ALA
* 90mg of Omega-3
* Low Fat
* 98% Fat Free
* No Trans Fat
* No Saturated Fat
* No Cholesterol
* Excellent Source of Fiber
* No High Fructose Corn Syrup
* 14 grams of Whole Grain per Serving

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