Let's talk about Helicobacter Pylori

Most people really don't know what H. plyori is. (The above pic is of the bacteria) I didn't until my mom (age 75) was diagnosed with it. This is a bacteria known for causing stomach ulcers and linked to stomach cancer because of that. (Mom's dad died from stomach cancer.)

Their are certain foods that can help kill this nasty bacteria and we all need to add these to our diet to help protect us from stomach ulcers and stomach cancer.

* Broccoli sprouts
* Cranberries and its juice (The juice of cranberries helps kill bacteria in the mouth, too)
* Garlic
* Extra virgin olive oil
* Oranges and tangerines
* Turmeric (a spice made from cucumin)
* Resveratrol (found in wine, peanuts and berries) 20 milligrams/daily is the recommended amount. This is the best way to get it as you'd have to drink 1000's of glasses of wine to get the same 20 milligrams, as found in a supplement!

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