The hormone Insulin and how it makes us fat

Insulin is the fat-storing hormone. Insulin is solely responsible for deciding whether food will be burned as fuel or stored as fat. Insulin must be present for food to be stored as fat. Eating dietary fat causes virtually no secretion of insulin. Without the presence of insulin, food cannot be stored as fat. Regardless of how much fat you eat, the pancreas will not secrete insulin, which is the only way fat can be stored as body fat.

If you eat a protein or fat alone, like a piece of meat, your body will break it down easily. These foods will not cause weight gain when eaten alone because they trigger virtually no increase in your blood sugar levels, so there is not a significant insulin response.

Proteins and fats can also be eaten in combination with vegetables low in starch (which are also foods that cause little to no insulin production). Therefore, eating eggs, meat, cheese and butter will not make you fat when eaten together.

It's a scientific fact: Refined carbs and "Fats in combination with sugar" create the problem of weight gain.

But let's say you eat proteins or fats with carbohydrates, like meat with potatoes. If your body is in perfect balance, it should use the carbs in the potato for energy, extract the protein and healthy fats from the meat, and discard the remainder. However, if your cells are filled with sugar and will not accept any more, the carbs in the potato will trigger an insulin response that can lead to both the potato and the meat being sent to the fat cells.

So, with the understanding of insulin and how it must be present in order for the food to be sent to the fat cells, we would want to be careful about what food combination we eat.

Fruit is sugar. Eating fruit with our fats and proteins would make insulin present. With insulin present, then the food will likely be stored as fat....... (It's best to eat fruit alone for a snack)

Can you think of all the ways that we have sugar with every meal? (Keep in mind the High Fructose Corn Syrup) This is why it is so hard to lose the weight.

So, to repeat............
Sugar brings out the insulin - which is solely responsible for deciding whether food will be burned as fuel or stored as fat.

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